Comparisons between the DSP-599zx and NIR-12

MIPS (millions instructions per second) 36.8 MIPS 10 Mips (per CPU)
CPU clock frequency 18.4 MHz crystal X2 = 36.8 MHz 40 MHz crystal /4 = 10 MHz
Instruction cycle time 27 ns 100 ns
Real time listening in noise reduction mode Yes, 26 ms delay No, 130 ms delay
Memory built into CPU 80 Kb 1.5 Kb
External Memory needed slows down CPU No Yes
Headphone level adjustment Yes No
Dual Audio Channels Yes No
Dual Radio Inputs (Radio A or B) Yes No
White Noise reduction 20 dB 20 dB
Noise reduction on when tuning Yes (real time) No (excessive delay)
Noise reduction Aggressiveness Continuously variable 3 settings on back panel
Bandpass 100-5000 Hz 50-3400 Hz
LCD Display Yes No
Visible settings for precise tuning Yes No (approximate)
Input level indicators 2 LEDs (Normal & Overload) 1 LED (Overload)
Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Yes No
A/D-D/A Converter Dual wide band 16 bit 14 bit
Programmable Memories Yes (6) No
Selectable Memory Mode on power up Yes No
Power Off Bypass Both Speaker and Line Out Speaker only
Power On Bypass Yes No
Frequency and Bandwidth controls "feather touch" Optical Encoders Pots
Case construction 1 piece extruded aluminum bent sheet metal
Panel Markings multi-color scratch-proof
graphic overlay
one color screen printing
directly on panel
Schematic provided Yes Yes, but unreadable
Automatic Notch Multiple Tones Yes Yes
Manual Single Notch Yes No
Manual Dual Notch Yes No
Independent Tunable Lowpass & Highpass HP 100-1000 Hz, LP 1000-5000 Hz Bandpass only
CW Bandwidth 10-600 Hz 50-3400 Hz
Center Frequency 200-2100 Hz 200-3400 Hz
Manual Notch on CW Yes No
CW Marker Tone for zero beat Yes No
CW tone Pitch Shift conversion Yes No
16 Data Filters 5 RTTY, SITOR, AMTOR, PacTor,
G-TOR, HF Packet, WeFAX, SSTV,
CLOVER, 3 User definable
Internal RTTY Modem (RS-232 o/p) Yes No
RTTY Remodulator Yes No
RTTY Test Signal RYRY... Yes No
RTTY Tuning Bar for Modem Yes No
Adjustable Line Output Yes (-3 to -24 dBV) No
Dual Data Jacks Yes No
Test Equipment Mode
Two Tone SSB Generator Yes No
Audio Sinewave Generator Yes (20 Hz - 10 kHz) No
Audio millivolt meter Yes (4 to 2000 mv true RMS or Peak
Frequency response 20 Hz-10 KHz)
CTCSS encoder Yes (PL tones 67.0 to 254.1 Hz) No
CTCSS decoder Yes (direct readout) No
CTCSS adjustable squelch switch Yes (open collector output) No
Meets FCC and European Standards Yes Yes

Note 1: This data based on sample of production units and instruction manuals from each manufacturer.
Note 2: View Specs for JPS CPU TMS320C26B

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