DSP-RTTY for the DSP-599zx and DSP-59Y

Timewave presents DSP-RTTY, a new RTTY program created for the DSP-599zx and DSP-59Y. DSP-RTTY and the DSP-599zx dig into the noise for really weak signals – 100 times fewer errors than the KAM Plus or PK-232! DSP-RTTY harnesses the power of the DSP-599zx and DSP-59Y with the superior communications capability of Microsoft Windows 95®. Operate contest-quality RTTY with only the DSP-599zx or DSP-59Y, your Windows 95® computer, and your radio. DSP-RTTY is a must for anyone who wants to unleash the full power of the DSP-599zx or DSP-59Y.


This Windows 95® program has all the RTTY features you want: CQ, brag, exchange and startup tapes, 45 – 110 baud Baudot/ASCII, split or combined TX/RX windows, user-definable macros/function keys, xmit status window, and big buffers. Keyboarding is easy and flexible. Choose from character, word or line mode. Embed macros in macros for efficient one or two keystroke operation!

Controls DSP-599zx or DSP-59Y

DSP-RTTY controls either the DSP-599zx or the DSP-59Y. Both Signal Processors operate RTTY with the touch of the mode button. Saving and recalling the complete RTTY setup - (baud rate, frequency shift, tuning display, etc.) is also a simple pushbutton operation.

Straightforward RTTY operation

DSP-RTTY is a no-nonsense RTTY program – simply click on the DSP-RTTY icon, push the data button on the DSP-599zx/DSP-59Y and you’re RTTY-ready! A complete macro key facility for both RTTY and your DX Cluster makes dx’ing, contesting and everyday operation a pleasure.

DX Cluster Window for TNC

Chasing DX requires constant access to the VHF/UHF packet DX Cluster. DSP-RTTY has simultaneous HF RTTY (Baudot/ASCII) and VHF DX Cluster terminal modes. Work RTTY in the TX and RX windows while watching DX spots on the Cluster in a third window!

Easy connections

Add PTT and FSK or AFSK connections to your transceiver, and a standard serial cable to your computer and you’re all set for RTTY operation! Timewave even supplies the serial cable and a cable with a pre-assembled DIN connector for the DSP-599zx or DSP-59Y.


486 PC or better, Microsoft Windows 95®, Windows 98®, or NT 4.0, 5MB free hard disk space, and 8 MB RAM (16MB recommended), and a Timewave DSP-599zx or DSP-59Y Signal Processor.


  • Superb on weak signals
  • Fewer receive data errors
  • No data controller required for RTTY
  • CQ, Brag, Exchange, Startup Files
  • DX Cluster window for TNC
  • TNC start-up file for DX Cluster
  • Packet cluster interface supports all Timewave TNCs, plus all others too!
  • Complete macro key facility for both
    RTTY and DX Cluster
  • Runs minimized or in background
  • Runs under Windows® 95/98/NT

See a review in the 73 Magazine Digital Port Column - October, 1998




DSP-RTTY is now free as of November 2015. 

Timewave no longer supports DSP-RTTY.

Download the Legacy Copy.

April 3, 1998
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