Timewave Product Reviews

Magazine Issue Country Model(s)
73 Amateur Radio Today May 1997 USA DSP-599zx
The Low Band Monitor March 1997 USA DSP-599zx
World Radio TV Handbook 1997 USA DSP-599zx
Radio Horen March 1997 Germany DSP-599zx
QST USA DSP-59Y (Product Announcement)
Funk Amateur January 1997 Germany DSP-599zx
QST December 1996 USA DSP-599zx
The DX Magazine ? USA DSP-9
CQ VHF Magazine March 1996 USA DSP-9, DSP-9+
Shortwave Magazine November 1995 U.K. DSP-59+
Funk Amateur November 1995 Germany DSP-59+
Beam August 1995 Germany DSP-9+
Funk Amateur March 1995 Germany DSP-59+
Radio Fun Magazine February 1995 USA DSP-59+, DSP-9
Handi-Ham Winter 1994 USA DSP-9
Collins Quarterly Winter 1994 USA DSP-9
Hungarian Amateur Fall 1994 Hungary DSP-59, DSP-9
QCWA Journal Fall 1994 USA DSP-59
QST October 1994 USA DSP-9, DSP-59+
Radio Communication September 1994 U.K. DSP-9, DSP-9+
CQ July 1994 Spain DSP-9
CQ May 1994 USA DSP-9
Telephone Pioneers DX Digest January 1994 USA DSP-9
CQ Ham Radio January 1994 Japan DSP-9
Beam January 1994 Germany DSP-59
CB Action Nov/Dec 1993 Australia DSP-9
Amateur Radio Action October 1993 Australia DSP-9
Low Band Monitor September 1993 USA DSP-9
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