Timewave Annnounces
A DSP-599zx Firmware Upgrade

Product Announcement
For immediate release
July 17, 2000

Timewave Technology Inc. has extended the leading edge technology that has made the DSP-599zx the #1 signal processor in HF communications. Today, you can find the DSP-599zx and its technological derivatives in commercial, government, aviation and military HF communication systems worldwide! But we didn't build a flash-in-the-pan - when the DSP-599zx was designed in 1995-96, we looked forward and created a hardware and software architecture to carry us into the next millennium. The following new features are founded on that powerful architecture.

• Binaural CW
Binaural CW enables the CW operator to use the powerful combination of his brain and both his ears to separate CW signals in a panorama with lower pitch signals to the left and higher pitch signals to the right. This exclusive feature makes CW listening easier and takes the pile out of pileups!

• CW Spotlight
The CW spotlight highlights a weak signal to pull it out of surrounding QRM, and allows a proficient CW operator to monitor nearby CW signals while staying focused on a particular signal. This unique feature is great for DX pileups and contests.

• PC-Radio Interface and Filter for PSK-31
PSK-31 and SSTV require connection and matching of a radio's audio input/output and transmit/receive control line to a computer sound card and serial port. The DSP-599zx with Version 5.0 firmware performs these tasks while maintaining the ability to perform its other signal processing tasks. You can now operate RTTY, PSK31 and SSTV with just the DSP-599zx, a transceiver, and a computer with appropriate software. No other interface boxes or multi-mode controllers are required!

This new feature includes an internal reconfiguration of the signal routing and audio level adjustments in the DSP-599zx that permits the DSP-599zx to be connected directly to a sound card in a computer.

•Noise Reduction Algorithm Modification
We've tweaked the DSP-599zx's noise reduction algorithm for a better low end response for SWLers and improved noise reduction over the entire range.

•Morse Code Practice Oscillator
This one wasn't much of technical stretch for our engineers, but our customers wanted it! Even 5 words per minute takes some practice. Just plug in your key and start sending! This is also a great way to test your new keyer off the air while you get your fist tuned up.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the DSP-599zx Version 5.0 firmware upgrade kit is $59.95.

The DSP-599zx Version 5.0 Upgrade Kit is available now from Timewave.

We also offer custom cables to connnect most transceivers to the DSP-599zx and the PK-232/DSP and other TNCs.

DSP-599zx Data Sheet
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DSP-599zx Manual Supplement
Firmware Version 5.0

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DSP-599zx upgrade Price

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