Data Decoder

The Timewave DSP-D300 decodes Automated Local Evaluation in Real Time (ALERT) data. Timewave’s advanced digital signal processing technology increases accuracy and reduces noise for today’s applications and establishes a platform for the improved protocols of the future.

Ethernet + USB + Serial I/O

The DSP-D300 plugs into the internet! If you have internet

access on a network at a site, the DSP-D300 gives you remote data transfer, configuration and status. You can stream data to multiple IP addresses simultaneously.  Most current systems use the rapidly-disappearing RS-232 serial technology for control and data transfer. The multiple I/O protocols of the DSP-D300 let you extend the life of those legacy systems as you upgrade the system with new components. No more worries about whether a new laptop computer has an RS-232 serial port! The USB port handles all the control, configuration and diagnostics. You can even update the internal program of the DSP-D300 in the field.

Address Filtering and Packet Error Detection

The DSP-D300 includes configuration software to set the entire range of 8,192 remote addresses and filters via the local USB port or via SSH secure internet protocol. If you’re using a satellite uplink, internal error detection eliminates noisy bad packets.

Internet security

Federal guidelines call for secure internet communications no matter what other advantages an internet-enabled system has.

The DSP-D300 meets the challenge with the SSH 2.0 protocol for control and status communications.

Flexible Installation

The freestanding housing features a rugged aluminum extruded housing and EMI-blocking conductive paint.  Single or dual rack mount and NEMA options make installation quick and easy. Two units can mount side-by-side with an optional 19 inch rack mount kit.  The DSP-D300 features readily available standard connectors on all input and output ports.

Field Diagnostics

The installation and diagnostics software package

included with the DSP-D300 allows you to measure the output level of the receiver to optimize the receiver and DSP-D300 settings during installation. You can test the operation of the DSP-D300 in the field with just the DSPD300 and a computer with a sound card.


· Low noise DSP demodulator

· Packet error detection

· Handles 8192 data addresses & filters

· Network enabled

· SSH Secure internet protocol

· Remote configuration and status

· Field configuration and diagnostics

· Field firmware update

· USB port

· 10/100 Ethernet port

· Two RS-232 serial ports

· Transformer-isolated receive data

· Encoding option available

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