Wireless Headset Adapter with PTT and Wired Rig Control

Operate your transceiver via Bluetooth® with your favorite wireless cell phone earpiece

while simultaneously connecting via USB to your Rig.



Timewave’s new HamLinkBT-BTH+ Wireless Headset Adapter is a Bluetooth® device linking a Bluetooth wireless cellphone earpiece to a transceiver for un-tethered remote operating. The HLBT-BTH+ features RX/TX audio and PTT connectivity.  In addition, for base stations, it provides a selectable Logic Level or RS-232 serial connection for Rig Control. 

 No wires for Safer Mobile Operation

 The HamLinkBT-BTH+ Wireless Headset Adapter connects directly to your transceiver. You can operate virtually hands-free with VOX. No VOX? - PTT is just a quick tap of the switch on your earpiece. Supported radios include Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, Ten-Tec, Elecraft, Alinco, and other models.

 Multi-PTT™ Control

In addition to PTT with the standard built-in pushbutton switch on your Bluetooth® earpiece, the HamLinkBT-BTH+ has a FastPTT output and input for wired local PTT control.


The HamLinkBT-BTH+ establishes a Bluetooth® audio link between your Bluetooth® earpiece and your radio. For lower noise and longer range, the HamLinkBT-BTH+ features eSCO Bluetooth® audio to match advanced Bluetooth® earpieces.

 Rig Control

The HamLinkBT-BTH+creates a COM port on your PC that is configurable to Logic Level (CI-V) or RS-232.  Supported radios include Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, Ten-Tec, Elecraft, Alinco, and other models.

 Software Configuration Program

Bluetooth® earpieces require Bluetooth®  pairing to operate with the HamLinkBT-BTH+ Wireless Headset Adapter. The included RadioSwitch program features easy setup and pairing of any one of multiple earpieces.



  • Wireless Bluetooth® adapter for cellphone earpieces

  • Class 1 Bluetooth® for greater range

  • eSCO audio link for better quality, lower noise

  • Selectable Wired Logic Level/RS-232 Serial Port for Rig Control

  • Unique serial numbers allow multiple HamLinkBT-BTHt™ on the same PC

  • Cables available for Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom, Ten-Tec, Elecraft, Alinco & more

  • Transmit timeout adjustable via USB

  • Bluetooth® security, interference immunity

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