USB Rig Controller Plus

For RS-232 connections (eg. Kenwood and Yaesu) see HamLinkUSB-USB to Serial Cable

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  • USB adapter for TTL/CMOS CAT/CV-I Rigs

  • PTT interface option for soundcard programs

  • PTT & Keying with RTS

  • Foot Switch input interface option

  • Cables available for Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom & Ten-Tec, Elecraft, Alinco & more

  • 3 LED status indicators

  • Unique serial numbers allow multiple HamLinkUSBs on the same PC

  • CD with popular rig control programs & links

Timewave’s new HamLinkUSB Rig Controller Plus is a USB to logic level conversion device for CAT-/CI-V enabled transceivers that provides PTT output or keying output.

CAT/CI-V Control

The HamLinkUSB Rig Controller Plus logic level serial interface connects directly to radios with non-RS-232 CAT /CIV inputs. The radios include Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, Ten-Tec, Elecraft, Alinco and other models.

PLUS Control

In addition to the standard serial interface on every HamLinkUSB Rig Controller Plus, the user can choose an option that connects and controls PTT lines or keying lines.

Software and Hardware Control

The HamLinkUSBRig Controller Plus is compatible with most soundcard and software control programs, such as PK-Term (ROC). The PTT version of the HamLinkUSB Rig Controller Plus has a RTS output with a driver transistor to operate a PTT line from most sound card programs. Other versions have DTR/transistor outputs to drive electronic keyers and general purpose outputs for user-determined purposes. Another version has a logic level input to detect external switches such as foot switches.

The HamLinkUSB™ has Microsoft certified USB drivers for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista/64, Windows 7, and Windows 7/64.

Connectors & Cables

Timewave supplies a variety of cable choices for the HamLinkUSB, ranging from standard pre-molded cables for the most common radios to custom cables for special requirements.




Note: the HamLinkUSB uses the Timewave U232 COM port.

See Timewave Downloads for the HamLinkUSB/U232 drivers.

Datasheet May, 2008 HamLinkUSBds.pdf
Manual February, 2010 HamLinkUSB.pdf

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