HamHub Snap-Ins


These Snap-Ins are for use with Timewave products.  If you are a developer and want to use these modules with a Timewave product in your program, we will be happy to assist you.  If you want to use them outside of Timewave's purview, you may do so (GNU license), but there is no support implied.


Description Date Compressed Raw File
HHMode PKTerm99 Interface March 23, 2006 HHMode.zip HHMode.dll
HH-RTTY Snap-In March 9, 2006 HH_RTTY.zip HH_RTTY.dll
HH-MT63 Snap-In March 27, 2006 HH_MT63.zip HH_MT63.dll
HH-RTTY Documentation February 7, 2006 HH_RTTY.pdf  
HH-MT63 Documentation February 7, 2006 HH_MT63.pdf  
Designing your own HH Snap-In
   (includes MT63 source)
March 27, 2006 HHDist_20060327.zip  
MT63 library from Pawel Jalocha
   (GNU license)
September 8, 2004 mt63lx-0.5.tar.gz  
PK-Term 3.x integration procedure September 21, 2006 PKTERM and Modules.pdf  

To Install these files:

If you are using the calling application (ex. PKTerm99), exit the application.  Copy the new DLL files into the application folder.  You will be asked to overwrite the existing snap-ins.

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