TZ-900 AntennaSmith™

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• Full Color TFT LCD Graphic Display

• 0.2 - 55 MHz


• Impedance (Z)

• Reactance (r+jx)

• Reflection coefficient (r,q)

• Smith Chart

• Sweep Memory Comparison

• Analyzes without PC connection

• Software included

Antenna Impedance Analyzer

Day/Night Always-Visible Display
Day or night, the Timewave TZ-900 AntennaSmith™ is a bright colorful window to your antenna system. The transreflective TFT LCD color display is brilliantly visible in direct sunlight - no lost data from a washed-out display!

Full Graphics - Rapid update
The AntennaSmith™'s rapid sweep updates the data graph every two seconds. Quickly set the start, stop or center frequencies to see the data as you want it. A tap on a button gives you a different parameter. Tap another button to store a graph to print later or to display as a reference while you optimize your antenna system. Instantly see the effect of an adjustment or a change! No computer connection is required to see all the graphs - even the Smith chart!

Adjustable Frequency Cursor/Generator
Quickly tune the cursor to check your antenna system at the desired frequency while looking at the big picture on a graph. The Direct Digital Synthesizer makes a great RF signal generator in the Synthesizer mode. Easily calibrate to WWV with 1 Hz frequency resolution.

Data Comparison & Remote Control Software
The included Windows program lets you display, compare and export your data. Use your PC or laptop to run the AntennaSmith™ for quick printed reports.

Rugged and Portable
The AntennaSmith™ has a rugged extruded aluminum case and batteries for hours of field operation. A 12 VDC power supply/ charger (117VAC/60Hz) is included.


Parameters: SWR, Complex Impedance, R+jX, reflection coefficient, Smith Chart
Modes: Sweep, manual, synthesizer
Sweep rate: 2 seconds
Memory: 10 sweep and 10 reference data memories

Antenna interface: SO-239, N optional
Analyzer Frequency: 0.2 MHz to 55 MHz
Synthesizer: Direct Digital Synthesis with 1 Hz resolution
Synthesizer Frequency: 0.2 MHz to 60 MHz
Synthesizer output level: +3 dBm, nominal
Data/control Port: USB 2.0 compliant, USB mini-B connector
Aux Serial Port: RS-232C compatible - 8 pin mini-DIN
Serial data protocol: ASCII
Power jack: 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm coaxial power jack, center +

Enclosure: Extruded Aluminum
Size: 7.4 in. wide x 4.2 in. deep x 1.6 in. high
Weight: 1.45 lb.
Operating Temp.: 0 degrees C to 40 degrees C
Power: charging: +9 to +16VDC @500mA
Operating Time: Approximately 5 - 6 hours

Timewave AS-1

Reference Memories: Upload, Download
Reference Compare: 7 reference files simultaneously
Project Files: PC storage limited
Project notes: 256 characters
Graphs: SWR, Impedance, R, jX, reflection coefficient, Smith Chart
Export data formats: .txt, .csv, Excel
USB driver: USB 2.0 compliant
Operating system: Windows XP, 2000, 98

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