Power Supply Issues

July 17, 1996

Some users have reported a degradation in performance of their Timewave product when used with transceivers that run off of an external 12V supply and that same supply is used to power their DSP product. Some transceivers isolate their speaker audio return, to some degree, from chassis ground. Our DSP products hold all of their connection returns at chassis ground. We recommend you use a separate 12V power supply capable of providing at least 1A current. This can be a separate power supply that you may be using for other station accessories that run off of 12V. In our manuals, we often refer to the Radio Shack p/n 273-1653 wall transformer type power supply as a good choice, but any 12V supply capable of at least 1A current will suffice.

Note that recently, Radio Shack changed the plug for their model 273-1653 from a straight one to a right angle one. Some users have reported that the right angle plug lacks sufficient insertion depth to properly engage our power jack. If you get one of those, we recommend you replace it with the power plug (5.5mm X 2.1mm) we send with each new unit, or Radio Shack sells them in packs of 2 (p/n 274-1569). Some transceivers have a jack on the back which provides 12V to run your accessories. Stay away from them as most do not have sufficient current sourcing capabilities.

Remember, the quality of your product's performance is directly related to the quality of the power supply that runs it.

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