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U232 RS-232 to USB Conversion Module

The U232 is a RS-232-to-USB conversion module for replacement of PCB mount DB-9 and DB-25 connectors.  It offers a quick upgrade to USB of an existing product’s legacy RS-232 serial port by replacement of the Dsubminiature (DB) connector. No electrical or physical changes are required – just replace the existing serial port connector with the U232 module on the circuit board. The USB port on the host device supplies all power for the module. Several models are available for both DB-9 and DB-25 connectors with long and short footprints.


  • Direct replacement for legacy DB9 and DB25 Right Angle PCB connectors

  • Powered by USB

  • Mini-B USB Connector

  • 300 - 115 kbps

  • Suitable for retrofit and new products

  • Available in deep (.591”) footprint

  • Available in normal (.318”) footprint

  • Available in custom footprint

  • USB cable supplied

  • Certified USB Windows drivers supplied with U232

  •  ROHS compliant models available
Before Before
After After



  • USB port USB 2.0 compliant

  • Data rate: Full Speed (12 Mbps)

  • ESD protection +/-10 kV

RS-232 I/O

  • Serial Port RS-232 compliant

  • Serial data rate 115 kbps bps

  • ESD protection +/-10 kV


  • PCB Footprint DB-9, DB-25, .318” & .591” deep

  • Size Compatible with DB-9 & DB-25 dimensions

  • Weight 1 oz.

  • Operating Temp.: -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C

  • Power: USB bus 5 VDC, 30 mA.


The U-232™ has Microsoft certified USB drivers for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista/64, Windows 7, and Windows 7/64.

Please see Timewave Downloads for the drivers.

Datasheet April, 2006 U232_Datasheet.pdf
Hardware Manual December, 2006 U232 USB Upgrade Manual (hardware)
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