Excerpts from unsolicited letters from Timewave Customers

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DSP-599zx Digital Noise Filter
Well, after spending several consecutive hours with my new 599zx, I can only saw that I totally agree with the QST Product Review. This is the finest shack accessory I have EVER found.

As an avid CW and RTTY DX enthusiast, it can say that I am truly impressed with the 599zx's performance under heavy QRM conditions over the past few days. What an absolute pleasure to tweak the filters down to about 150 Hz and tune across a "quiet" 80 meter CW band and have the signals "pop" up and hear only the signal. . . no noise at all.

I am especially pleased with the ergonomics of the filter. All the "hot" features are right there. . . one touch away. Great job on figuring what most of us basic "appliance ops" need right out of the box.

I appreciate the hard technical work that has gone before the introduction of this product. Kudos to your technical staff especially, as you have all done a terrific job. I'm really impressed. I can't imagine what you can do to top this.
Larry, N0XB
" Thank you for your FAX of February 12, including your outstanding documentation on your product.
I made an appointment with your local distributor, Seicom AG in Lenzbourg, where I had the opportunity to test one DSP-599zx - Noise Reduction Unit with my own SW receiver, a NRD-535D from Japan Radio corporation. I had also the chance to test a NIR-12 unit.
A side to side comparison was very helpful to make a decision - and my choice was clearly in favor of your product - in my eyes at least half a generation ahead! Consequently, I purchased the unit."
Eric, SWL, Switzerland
I find the FT-1000MP's DSP filter one step from useless compared to the superior performance of the DSP-59+. I bought a DSP-599zx. Probably the best addition I ever made. SSB and CW is better than 59+ in that the variable tuning is much easier to use. Greater bandwidth is great BCB DX'ing. I can't see how any serious DX'er could be without this!.

As I said, the DSP filter in my FT-1000MP seems inoperative -- no, useless when I compare the 59+ or 599zx to it. YES, I'm very happy! !
Compared to my DSP-9+, the 599zx is magic! ! It's connected to a Yaesu FT990 and a Radio Shack 4" speaker cube. I only do voice so many of the features may never be used. It is an excellent box and an excellent manual. Martin, KA7GKN
The DSP-599zx is an outstanding addition to my shack. I have used a Timewave DSP-9 and two W9GR DSPs in the past and your new unit is quantum jumps ahead. I do a lot of QRP operation and it is simply amazing what the 599zx can "dig" out of the noise. Good show. Steve, K8IDN
Only had my 599zx for a few days. This is really my first experience using any sort of DSP. After 40 years of messing around with crystal filters, mechanical filters, etc., your device is almost wondrous.

On 160 static crashes are almost eliminated, I tried a little SWL and heterodynes are gone. On the low end of 20 I could hear stuff in the noise that my Yaesu 990 just could not previously drag out. CW is equally magical. Up to now I could almost always work them if I could hear them. Now I'm not too sure. Thanks for a great product.
Arthur, England
Congratulations on yet another fine product!

I ordered the DSP-599zx in February of 1996 and received it several months later. But it was well worth the wait. So many un-advertised features and chuck-full of versatility. What a filter!
The word that comes to mind is - impressive -. What I was looking for was something to control the noise and static crashes on 160 meters. It works very well. Your filter combined with a competitors noise phase canceller reduces the noise to where it's all most FM on 160 meters. Your filter contributes about 80% of the improvement. The user determined adjustments makes the filter priceless because band (any band) conditions change constantly and to try to do that function with a fixed filter would not allow for optimum signal to noise. Jim, N5AXJ
This 599zx filter is able to deal with some severe local QRM that has given me a great deal of difficulty in the past. In addition, it gives some useful facilities and is user-friendly. I particularly like the CW Tone Pitch Shift. This helps me with the resolution of signals suffering from near-zero-beat interference. It also enables me to take advantage of the low frequency characteristics often found in cheap headphones! G. J. Bennett, G3DNF
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