Wireless Rig Controller with Audio and PTT

Connect your transceiver & PC via Bluetooth® !



Timewave’s new HamLinkBT-RC Wireless Rig Controller is a Bluetooth® device for remote operation of RS-232, CAT and CIV enabled transceivers. The HLBT-RC  features rx/tx audio, rig control, and PTT connectivity.

CAT, CI-V & RS-232 Rig Control

The HLBT-RCtm Wireless Rig Controller connects directly to transceivers with RS-232, CAT & CI-V inputs. Supported radios include Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, Ten-Tec, Elecraft, Alinco and other models.

PTT Control

In addition to the standard rig control interface, the HLBT-RC  Wireless Rig Controller has a PTT output that operates from your rig control program. Optionally, the HamLinkUSB plugs into your operating PC and routes a footswitch or other PTT line via the Bluetooth® link to your HLBT-RC  PTT output.


The HamLinkBT-RC  Wireless Rig Controller establishes an Bluetooth® audio link between your remote operating PC and your radio. You may use a computer headset/microphone, a sound card program or an external TNC to operate over this link.

Software Control Programs

The HLBT-RC  Wireless Rig Controller is compatible with most soundcard and software rig control programs. The included RadioSwitch  program features easy setup plus selection of any one of multiple radios connected to your PC with HLBT-RCs.

Connectors & Cables

Timewave supplies a variety of cable choices for the HamLinkBTRC  Wireless Rig Control, ranging from standard pre-molded cables for the most common radios to custom cables for special requirements.


  • Wireless Bluetooth® adapter for TTL/CMOS/RS-232 CAT/CI-V & other rigs

  • Class 1 Bluetooth® for greater range

  • eSCO audio link for better quality, lower noise

  • Fast PTT response

  • Foot Switch input option w/HamLinkUSB

  • Unique serial numbers allow multiple

  • HamLinkBT-RCtms on the same PC

  • Cables available for Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom, Ten-Tec, Elecraft, Alinco & more

  • Includes CD with Timewave RadioSwitch program and rig control program links

  • Bluetooth® security, interference immunity

For full walk around portability, see sister product HamLinkBT-BTH!


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