Now! USB interface for computers without serial ports!

NEW!  Certified Windows Drivers!

 For Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7!
Both 32 and 64 bit versions!


Timewave’s customers swear by their DSP filters and PK-232 owners love the flexibility and reliability of the most popular data controller ever built. Now with the addition of a USB serial interface, the PK-232/USB rolls it all into one! The PK-232/USB brings a new level of performance to the legendary PK-232 with sharp, accurate DSP filters for all its internal data modes and dual transformer isolation for sound card data modes. Weak signals magically appear from the noise and QRM bounces off the new DSP filters for cleaner copy with fewer errors than the old analog filters.

More Filters, Better Filters, Automatic selection

The PK-232/USB brickwall filters have tighter bandwidth and steeper skirts for improved noise and QRM rejection. New PK-232 firmware (Ver. 7.2) allows a wider selection of filters than the original PK-232, so the filter can match the mode. The correct DSP filter is automatically selected when you choose an internal mode. In RTTY, Timewave’s proven Twin Peak Filters pluck the mark and space tones from the noise and QRM for great copy. In PACTOR, the filter bandwidth automatically changes when the baud rate shifts in response to the error rate of the link. In Morse (CW), the operator can preset either 100 Hz or 200 Hz bandwidth. The PK-232/USB is compatible with all Windows W2K,XP,Vista/Win7 software terminal programs for the PK-232.

Software controlled and mode independent

The sound card mode is software controlled. For example, when operating with PK-TERM’99 (ROC), changing to PSK31 from Pactor is a simple menu click. To run programs like PSK31, SSTV, MT63, Hellschreiber and MFSK16, as well as new, yet-to-be invented modes, just run Timewave’s ModeSwitch® program or enter a few short keyboard commands prior to executing the sound card application.

All the Proven Modes + All the Sound Card Modes

The PK-232/USB supports all the new sound card modes in addition to all of the existing PK-232 modes - Pactor, VHF/HF Packet, AMTOR/SITOR, Baudot, ASCII, Morse, HF Weather FAX, TDM, and NAVTEX. The PK-232/USB comes with a complete cable and connector set, in addition to Timewave’s on-line and telephone support.

Specifications - DSP
 DSP Filters, demodulator 16 bit Analog Devices 2104 with 16 bit A/D-D/A for Optimum filters for each mode, limiter, 4-pole discriminator, 5-pole post-detection low-pass filter
 Modulator  Phase continuous sinewave, AFSK generator
 Modulator output level  5-200 mV RMS
 Processor system  Zilog Z-80, ADSP2104
 RAM  32K Lithium battery-backed
 ROM  128K
 Hardware HDLC  Zilog 85C30 SCC
 Power requirements  +12 to +16 VDC @ 590 mA (700 mA. recommended)

 Input/Output Connections

 Radio interface  Two 5-pin connectors, front panel selectable
 Direct FSK outputs  Normal/Reverse
 Scope outputs  Mark, space
 CW keying outputs  +100 VDC @ 200 mA max and –25 VDC @ 30 mA max
 Terminal interface  Certified USB 2.0 driver included.  USB "mini-B" connector.
 Terminal data rates  Settings at 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, & 9600 bps
 Sound card interface  5-pin connector, dual transformer isolation


 Dimensions  11" (279mm)W x 8.25" (210mm)D x 2.5" (64mm)H
 Weight  3 lbs (1.35 kg)


  • Digital Signal Processor
  • 18 DSP Filters
  • Twin Peak RTTY Filters
  • Adaptive PACTOR filters
  • USB serial interface
  • Works with all sound card modes
  • Sound card cable provided
  • Transformer isolation for sound card input and output connections


  • RTTY-Baudot
  • Packet 300 bps HF
  • Packet 1200 bps VHF
  • Morse
  • FAX HF
  • TDM
  • All the new
    Sound Card Modes!

    Timewave carries a complete line of accessories for the DSP Filter and Data controller product lines. The accessories include power supplies, cables, connectors, manuals and upgrades. Please call or email us with your requirements.

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