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Feburary, 2013

New Location!  Moved to 23 Empire Drive, St. Paul, MN 55103-1856

August, 2013

PK-232SC+ now available!  Dual port option available.
March, 2012

DSP599zx now has a new larger display!

February, 2012

Ham Radio Deluxe now available!  HRD is now in partnership with W4PC,  interlinking with ROC.

November, 2011

PK-232SC now available!  Built in soundcard for soundcard modes.   USB 2.0 support.

October, 2010

New Location!  Moved to 27 Empire Drive, Suite 110, St. Paul, MN 55103-1892

May, 2009

We are now on

May, 2008

DSP-D300 v3.0 Software Update is in Beta.  Now is field upgradable!

May, 2007

DSP-232+ now available!  Now supports soundcard modes.

January, 2007

DSP-232 now available!  New MARS/Euro modes for military use.  (Not necessary for Hams.)

December, 2006

ModemSwitch 4.0 released!

September, 2006

ModemSwitch 3.6 released!

April, 2006

AntennaSmith Reader released!

May, 2006

PK-232/USB released!

March, 2006

ModemSwitch 3.1 released!

January, 2006

DSP-D300 version 2.0 released!

December, 2005

AntennaSmith released!

May, 2005

DSP-D300 released!

October, 2004

Timewave moves to a new location.  1025 Selby Ave.  See About Timewave

December, 2000

DSP-599zx Upgrade released!  

Timewave Produces THE Premier Digital Noise Filter and Signal Processor.

The DSP-599zx is the latest generation DSP filter incorporating the newest high speed CPU. The extra power gives the user unparalleled features and field upgradeability for the future. The new LCD display, pushbuttons, and Visible Memory let you see the exact settings of the filter. The optical encoders give the operator continuous tuning of the filters.

Unsolicited Customer Comments
Check out what our customers are saying about the DSP-599zx.
See the DSP-599zx in the trailers for the movie "White Noise"!

March, 2000

Timewave Buys ANC-4 Antenna Noise Canceller from JPS

March, 2000

PK-232/DSP Upgrade to the PK-232 MultiMode Data Controller

July, 1999

PK-900/DSP Upgrade to the PK-900 MultiMode Data Controller

January, 1998

DSP-RTTY Software

Summer, 1997

Timewave Buys AEA Data Products!

Alan Caplan (2004)

John Douglas (2002)


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